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High scratch resistance


Luxe boards are build to last. Luxe board's feature a protective film, followed by a transparent polyester/polyacrylic dried by UV radiation layer, a polyurethane and transparent primer,  a decorative melamine paper, a CARBII Compliant MDF core and finally a decorative melamine paper for the back.

The Collection

The Luxe collection is a fusion of design and technology.
Eye-catching solids, modern wood grains and digital designs
merged with the with the most advanced UV-cured lacquered
coatings create mirror-like gloss and silky super-matte surfaces.
A matching ABS edge band offering completes the Luxe collection

The Surface

The hardened surfaces of Luxe panels feature high scratch
resistance, impact resistance, stain resistance, easy cleaning,
antibacterial treatment, and color stability. Luxe carries FSC
and ISO certification.

The Designs

Over 30 design options in 48” x 108” panels are stocked on
the West Coast.

• More heat resistant
• Minimizes heat shrinkage issues
• Minimizes attraction of dust
• Lighter weight
• Easier to handle
• Less costly to ship
• No special set-up, machining or adhesive

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