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lacquered veneer

Real Wood Prefinished Veneers and Panels

Lignapal prefinished real wood veneers are produced in The Netherlands, easy to install and require no further finishing, saving you time and labor.  These veneers are prefinished with a contemporary matt gloss level.  The topcoat is applied using a curtain coat technique which allows for a much clearer, consistent finish free of brush marks and sparkling pores. These veneer sheets have a phenolic back, making them as easy to install as a laminate.  Lignapal’s top quality consistent finish paired with the ease of installation is the perfect recipe for a truly successful project. 

The Collection

• Prefinished real wood panels
• Prefinished veneers with a phenolic back
• Matching real wood and ABS edgeband

In Stock 

The following colors are in stock and ready to order.

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