Dynamic Textures

Featuring tactile qualities of natural world

The LUJO Collection by Wilsonart®

LUJO, the Spanish word for “luxury”, takes on new meaning as luxury today has been redefined from exclusive to accessible—easily able to add richness to your everyday life. With forest-inspired dynamic textures that bring the tactile qualities of the natural world to indoor spaces, The LUJO Collection is the essence of accessible luxury that evokes the warmth of home sweet home.

The LUJO Collection includes seven designs in the new ultrapremium Ridgewood Finish, and six in the Gloss Line Finish. Every design in The LUJO Collection is a Wilsonart® Coordinated Surface with matching TFL, HPL, and Edgeband available.


The Ridgewood Finish (79) is an overall matte finish with ridged dimensional features creating a linear woodgrain effect. The Gloss Line Finish (28) is a linear woodgrain texture with varied widths of narrow grain structures in an alternating mix of matte and gloss surface areas.

White Cypress | 7976K-79
Phantom Ecru | 8212K-28
High Line | 7970K-28
Friston Ash | 8229K-79
Veranda Teak | 8209K-28
Portico Teak | 8210K-28
Phantom Charcoal | 8214K-28
White River Forest | 8227K-79
Avondale Ash | 8228K-79
Randolph Forest | 8225K-79
Neowalnut | 7991K-28
Valley Forge Elm | 8231K-79
Dering Forest | 8226K-79
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and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm 

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High Line | 7970K-28