Featuring  three-dimensional textured surfaces.

Faced Panels by CLEAF

Faced panels are wood-based panels whose sides have been covered with decorative papers or polymeric foils. The avant-garde of the Cleaf’s faced panels collection is given by the exceptional care in the combination of decorative and texture, and color combination. Cleaf offers a variety of textures.


• 81-1/2" x 110-1/4" in 3/4" and 5/16" thickness*

*Most patterns are available in 5/16", contact West Coast Laminating for availability.


Laminate skins are hot-pressed impregnated papers. Cleaf’s laminate collection is produced in the same textures and decorative papers as the faced panels.


• 51-1/8" x 120-1/8" in .8mm thickness ( approx 1/32")


Textured through-colored ABS edgebanding offers unparalleled color and grain math to complement Cleaf panels.


• 1mm thickness in 23mm, 43mm, and 65mm widths

• Rolls are 328' long

Click here for Cleaning Instructions

V1 Color Collection

B011 White Scultura
FA44 Khaki Penelope
FA77 Cool Gray Penelope
LN28 Lakeshore Oak Matrix
LR17 Bagnola Sable
S122 Tyburn Pembroke
LM37 Stratos Pinea Scultura
LN26 Rustic Oak Matrix
FB11 Ares Concrete Ares
LR25 Ascari Sable
S027 French Gray Azimut
LM69 City Oak Matrix
LK55 Palissandro Matrix
LR18 Fiascherino Sable
LK98 Rovere Matrix
LN65 Backstage Maloja
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V2 Color Collection

LG23 Evolve Poro Rovere
LR33 Abbey Sable
S006 Muffin Sable
LR22 Valley Sable
LM63 Vintage Matrix
B073A White Ares
B073 White Leather Primo Fiore
UA92 Beige Leather Primo Fiore
UB07 Arena Leather Primo Fiore
UA94 Visone Leather Primo Fiore
S134 Praga Esperia
FB86 Curio Idea
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and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm 

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